Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thigh and Ankle Holsters From Remora

Many of you have read my posts about Chick Holsters and how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE their thigh and ankle holsters for women, but if you have tried to order from Chick Holsters lately, you have met with dismay. Last year Camille made the difficult decision to close the company and sadly, the only company that we had making thigh and ankle holsters for women closed its doors. So if you are a woman looking for a thigh or ankle holster that wasn't made for a man, have I got some news for you??!!

One of our favorite holster companies has added a few products to help us still dress as women and yet be safe and be strong because we ARE worth it!

Last fall I was honored to be my dear cousin's Matron of Honor. The question in the dressing room was "Can you really wear a gun with a bridesmaid's dress?"

Of course you can. This was one of my most favorite jobs ever...assisting my beautiful cousin with her most wonderful day. Aside from having to wear silver flats, I LOVED the dress and am still so proud to have been beside such a beautiful woman on the happiest day of her life.

Here's how the Remora thigh holster makes this possible

The holster is completely concealed and being Remora, doesn't move. The thigh strap has the amazing Remora non-slip material on the inside, so it doesn't need an extra strap around the waist to keep it in place. Even through toasts, running the bride to the potty, and two hours of dancing, the Remora thigh holster stayed in place through every step. My dear cousin was probably the safest bride in town!

Need an ankle option? Perhaps you want to go out on the town and dance the night away. Perhaps you want to wear some tight jeans and a form fitting top. This can make an IWB holster a little less concealable and a little more uncomfy, so you want an ankle rig to keep you safe without compromising your wardrobe. How about this?

If you've ever worn a man's ankle holster, you know what I'm talking about when I say one of the greatest assets of this great holster is that there is not an extra foot of strap to try to figure out what to do with and since it's Remora, there's no extra strap going up your leg and around your calf.

Safe, snug, doesn't move and invisible. Like the thigh holster, it has the Remora Magic fabric on the inside to keep it in place. The best thing about the entire line of Remora holsters is that they don't break the bank and they allow women everywhere to wear whatever they want and still carry concealed safely.

Check out the thigh holster or any of Remora's amazing line at RemoraHolsters.Com and remember, you can now get pink and purple lining!!!



  1. I absolutely love that you conceal-carried in your bridesmaid dress! I'm looking into a good thigh holster myself. I admire you, lady. :)

  2. How well does the thigh holster stay put when wearing tights or hose?

  3. Are you still pleased with the thigh holster?

  4. Jessica, the thigh holster stays very well with tights and hose. The material does its job whether it is up against fabric or skin.

    Anonymous, yes, I still love my thigh holster. I just ordered an ankle rig for hubby and a thigh rig for my friend.

  5. Thank you for the reply! I'm going to order one this week :)

  6. Does the thigh holster have to have the gun on the outside of the thigh? Also, can this ankle holster be worn higher on the ankle? Some of my dresses hit me slightly above my ankle.

    1. Due to the Remora fabric, you can put this pretty much wherever feels right for you. I wear it on the calf in some skirts.