Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Start to a New Year

I've been spending some very important time with my family for some time. But now, my darling trucker is back on the road, my children are back in school, I am back to work and it is time to get started on my plans for the New Year.

What are your resolutions? My big resolution this year is to become a better steward with my time and finances. Last year was very difficult for me financially. This year, I am taking steps to save and learn. For example, I am planning to try to make my own laundry detergent and other things. I have also begun learning to coupon.

I have also begun putting together weekly care kits for my truck driving hubby. It will include healthy breakfast, high protein small no-stop snack solutions for when he is driving, and frozen healthy meals that I put together myself out of lean meats and veggies that he can steam in the microwave when he stops for the night. It will also include laundry packs and convenience items to keep him comfy, fed and happy. We have even considered packaging these kits to sell to other truck drivers. Save his health by preparing foods at home, save money by cutting out expensive truck stop meals and fast food. Wow, with all this saving, I might just turn into SuperMom!!

So, here I am, friends...still around. I hope to get back to shooting soon and I plan to tell you all about my adventures.


  1. Happy New Year, Lady! Good to hear you are doing very well. Hubby gave me his tried and true 9mm for my birthday and had it parkerized in blue camo! It has been a good effective method of stress relief at the range after a long crazy week at work. Both boys are heading into the Army next month and things are definitely changing around here. I too have been thinking of taking food to work instead of eating out every day. We are hoping that we can cut down on the cost of living with less people in the house.
    My ankle holster never satisfied me, although I tried 2 different styles. My belly band works well, and I have jury rigged a purse to conceal for me as well without paying alot of money for one from Gun Totin Momma. I have been considering ways to make a denim vest with a holster on the inside... still trying to figure out how it will best be constructed. I have seen the under shirts/vests from the tactical clothiers, but would love something that would be cheaper and yet still effective and stylish. Hope to hear your thoughts on this and any other topics as you find the time when you aren't taking care of hearth and home. Be Blessed, from your friend with a concealed identity in NC

    1. My friend, I have missed you dearly. You know that I really don't much care for carrying in my purse, but when I have to, I use the Remora 3-in-1 that I use for my ankle holster and I sewed the extra Velcro into a purse so I can stick my remora right in there. If I don't carry that purse, I use the Betty holster from Flashbang and put it in a pocket.

      A clothing company contacted me years ago asking my advice for making a jacket liner for concealed carry. They asked me to send them one of my jackets and they would sew in a prototype for me to try out. Yeah, well, never got my jacket back. Don't know what ever happened to them. My suggestion, look at a shoulder holster, make something like that happen.

      I love the updates and thanks so much for sticking around!