Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Over the Road Adventures: Day 2

Good morning! Yesterday was a pretty cool day! As we were driving into Houston, I saw my most favorite piece of graffiti.
I enjoy this every time I see it.  I wonder about the person who created it. There are several other messages like it throughout Houston, but none touches me like this one. To me, it is important for each of us to find that "Someone" who we are and be them. Whether it is writer, mother, teacher, whatever. Just be that "Someone" that God created you to be!

Our first stop yesterday was in La Porte, TX to drop the load of cotton bales that we had brought from Kansas. There were trucks lined up for-stinkin-EEEEEEVER. We waited more than four hours for our turn to unload. When it was time, we drove into this warehouse, with cotton bales piled floor to ceiling. There were at least 40 garage-style doors all the way down the side of this warehouse. As we waited, the ballet we saw. The forklifts reminded me of ballerinas, twirling and spinning as they took the cotton off of the flatbeds and around the warehouse to the box trucks waiting at the bay doors. Most likely those boxes would be taken to the bay and put onto ships to travel all around the world. Crazy to think that the cotton that we had yesterday could be in Paris next week.
Then it was back to Houston to a load of steel pipe. My Trucker-Man looked like Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs by the time he was done loading that huge pipe!

It took about 2 hours to load that pipe and by that time we were starving. We drove about 2 hours to a tiny little truck stop in Buffalo, TX called JJ's. We got a free shower with our fuel. It wasn't the nicest shower I've ever been in, but oh, the hot water was wonderful!

We met a boy named Matt. Matt asked for a ride in a direction we weren't going, but we got a chance to minister this this kid's poor soul a little. Sweet Matthew, wherever you woke up this morning, whether you're at your mom's, in jail, or on the streets, if you ever read this by some chance. We are still praying for you, your brother, Justin, and your sweet Momma. Remember what we talked about, boy. Get clean, turn yourself in, and make things right for yourself. Then, so make things right with your poor, heartbroken Momma. Two babies behind bars is no way for any mother to live. Stop chasin those girls and drugs, kid. God has more for you! Be someone!

We shared a steak finger basket from Dairy Queen for supper. It reminded me of trips to the Lake with my Papa when I was little. My grandfather made sitting there waiting for the fish to bite seem like the best place in the world to be. He's been gone since I was 12, but I still miss him. That was a great dinner and we shared memories and then some ice cream.

Sleep was better last night with the trapped feeling gone, and a full day behind me. You have to remember to go to the bathroom before you go to bed, though, because going to the bathroom in the middle of the night means getting dressed and walking up to the station. You're plenty awake by then, let me tell you.

Trucker-Man got up at 4 to head out. If you don't know about the time clock for truck driver's, after they drive for 11 hours, they have to rest for 10. His 10 hours were up and it was time to drive. Thankfully, he left me sleeping, well as much sleep as you can get in a moving vehicle, but I slept until 8 and woke rested. We are headed to the panhandle area today, more adventures to come.

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  1. You are doing much better than I did. Hope you enjoy your time together. Be safe!