Friday, February 14, 2014

Product Review & Giveaway: Lucky Shot Jewelry

If you know me, you know that, while I can be strong when I need to (my students at school will tell you how tough and mean I am *giggle*), but you also know that I am a girlie girl. I like make-up and jewelry and getting dressed up to go out somewhere. So when Don over at Lucky Shot emailed me and wanted to send me some jewelry to review, I was all for it!

Let me tell you what. It seems like bullet jewelry is everywhere lately, but this stuff is so much fun. The guys over at Lucky Shot even paid enough attention to notice my pet cause of Kidney Donor Awareness and sent me some .45 caliber earrings with green jewels. These earrings are made in the USA from real bullets and even come with covers on the posts so that they don't stab you in the head. Texas Girl loved them too!

These pieces aren't just thrown together like convenience store fobs, either. The necklace chain is high quality, strong and has a good clasp. The necklace they sent for me is the Nickel 9mm with adjustable links on the back so it can go from short to long, depending on the neckline of your shirt.

Lucky Shot isn't just for girls either, they have necklaces, pens and bottle openers that make great gifts for the man in your life as well. The bottle opener that they sent me is made out of a .50 Cal bullet and it's as strong and sturdy as my sweet man!

Next on my wish list, the charm bracelet! I love charm bracelets so I know what I have on my list for my birthday next month. But guess what? The nice folks over at Lucky Shot want to give you the chance to win, too. They are going to send one lucky winner the 9mm Silver Bullet necklace, .308 Projectile Paracord Necklace and 50 Cal. Bullet Bottle Opener. You can enter up to eight times and then one more time each day. The contest starts today and runs through March 1st. See the rafflecopter form below for more information.



  1. Awesome Jewelry...TY for the opportunity to WIN!!

  2. My favorite is the 45 cal. stud earrings!

  3. My favorite item, which I will be buying, is the 45 Caliber Bullet Stud Earrings with emerald glass crytal.