Monday, June 2, 2014

Feeling Great!

A few weeks ago, I decided I was tired of feeling and looking less than what I truly wanted so I joined the gym. I found an amazing small gym and started really working. 

A few days after I joined, a Diverticulitis attack but me on my butt for 2 weeks. That is part of the reason I need this. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

I still love my little gym, but a close friend has recently paid for a month at 24 Hour Fitness for me and I am for sure enjoying the extra amenities. I will probably return to my gym once this month is up, though, because I truly cannot afford the big gym fees and I really love the family feel there. 

I have learned two things:
1. Working Out Feels Great
   I love the way I feel after a workout. Feel like I've done something, I've worked hard, and I made a difference in my life. It's a very accomplished feeling. I love it!!

2. Eating Healthy Is A Little More Expensive
   It's a little sad to me that I can get a nasty, greasy cheeseburger for $1, but a crisp, healthy salad costs $6. One thing I love, Walmart's Great Value brand Greek Nonfat Yogurt. It's just as good as name brand, for half the price and oh, so yummy!!

I have also set a goal. Not a weight goal, because I have determined that the number on the scale is not what is important. I will measure my progress by strength gains, feeling healthy, and liking the way I look. So this is my goal 

I am right now at a size 12-14. This dress is a 10. I don't want to just fit into it either...I want to WEAR it!!! 

I also plan to reward myself with a corset holster from Can Can Concealment when I hit that goal, too. 


  1. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! I'm a size 22 now post-pregnancy... I've never been this big before in my life... the depression is hitting me hard, and I'm struggling to drop the weight. My husband is being very supportive of me no matter what I look like, but its very encouraging to hear of someone else who is actually accomplishing their goals!!

    1. I've struggled with my weight for some time. Something I'm enjoying about strength training is paying attention the the strength gains instead of the number on the scale, like I said. The scale hasn't moved much but I'm increasing weight every time I hit the gym, my clothes are fitting better, and I have tons more energy.

      You've got this! Don't let the depression win. The scale doesn't define you, you're attitude does! Be beautiful today!!!!