Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Holster Review: Dene Adams Corset Holster

So many of my readers have asked about the Dene Adams corset holster that I just HAD to try one out for myself. I received the Slim Naked holster to test and review. The folks at Dene Adams have many gorgeous holsters for you to choose from and right now are holding their semi annual event with many corsets at discounted prices. If that's not good enough, the owner and creator of Dene Adams is offering my readers a 10% discount with the coupon code LOVETEXAS! (the exclamation point is part of the code). 

For a little background on the company, this information is straight from their website:
Dene Adams was founded on the legacy and principles of Anna's grandfather. Dene Adams was a man of strong American tradition, Christian values and was an advocate for common sense.  Grandpa Dene believed that "There is no such thing as a gun accident.  Guns should be respected and not feared & when treated with respect, guns can be an integral part of our daily life." 
It was this passion in Dene Adams that led to the creation of the compression concealed carry holster for women. The innovation and design efforts of our compression holster's allow women to carry without a change in wardrobe.  
And now, with no further ado, the review

Construction: Five out of five stars: The holster is sturdily made with quality lycra, breathable (a must for this Texas girl), and the closure is strong and solid. As far as a corset, the garment is well built and appears that it will stand up to repeated wear and use.

On top of that, Anna has created a "pretty" holster. My grandmother once told me that it is important to wear pretty "underthings" because they make you feel pretty, even if no one sees them. This holster does just that. Made for a woman, by a woman, it meets the need to feel pretty. It's definitely not a man's holster redesigned to fit a woman.  Not only is it a comfortable holster, but it is slimming as well.

It is also ambidextrous and features an extra pocket on the other side for a back up gun, knife, magazine, phone, whatever your pretty little heart can imagine. Genius design feature there. You can keep your cash, i.d., and cards out of pockets and in a safe place when at a club or crowded event.

Comfort: Five out of five stars: As a corset wearer, I wasn't sure what to expect. Steel ribbing and difficult closures can make a corset seem too difficult for daily wear. Not his one. It has gentle, plastic ribbing and simple but sturdy hook and eye closures (like a bra) to make it flexible and comfortable.

Gun Ride: Four out of five stars: The gun is located on the front of the abdomen just to the right or left of midline. How far up or down on the body depends on your build. The woman in the picture is fairly long bodied, which would probably make for more options.

I am fairly short bodied, and tried the holster with several firearms. My LCP rode just fine, with no issues upon sitting or bending over, but the LC9 felt too long for comfort. The LC9 is only 6" long and the holster will fit 6.5" according to the website, but (like with any holster) you have to find what is right for your body size and style. I simply will not be carrying the LC9 in this holster,

Concealability: The concealability in this holster is a 4 out of 5 for me. It conceals super well in anything not tightly fitted. As I don't regularly wear fitted garments right now, that's not a problem for me, but in the summer with my tanks and girl-cut T's, this won't be my go-to holster. Blouses and button downs, this will work just fine.

Retention: Five out of five stars: I was concerned when I saw a video stating that this holster had no retention at all. I'm guessing that the video was made before they added the Velcro strap to the design. With the velcro strap securely fastened, leaning over and picking something up off the floor did not result in my gun tumbling to the carpet.

Draw: I'm going to give this a five out of five for now, and will post an update after some range time: In the videos on, the draw looks fairly simple. For me, however, it took a little work. Remember, I am short bodied woman and I wear a full C cup. So the process of lifting the shirt to reveal the weapon and drawing without hitting myself in the breast took some work.

Drawing out of a new holster always requires some practice so I am simply going to chalk up my difficulty up to needing to learn and say that a quick draw is absolutely possible, but is going to take some range time to get nailed down.

Trigger Guard: No stars: Unfortunately, this holster fails in the trigger guard department in my book. There is nothing but a thin layer of padding and lycra in between the world and the trigger of my gun. That is not going to stop an accidental discharge. In my job I lean over quite a bit. If I am leaning over, holding my clip board and grabbing a patient chart, it is possible (unlikely, but possible) in this holster that the corner of my clipboard could depress the trigger and I get a bullet to the belly, not to mention an unlawful discharge case.

I'm not saying that this is a deal breaker, that's for you to decide. For me, it will prevent me from wearing this holster in several situations: working, holding a baby or toddler (those toes go everywhere), yard work, and exercise (yes, I wear my gun while exercising - do you know me, have you read my blog?).

Price: Five out of five stars: If you have ever priced a corset, they can range upwards of $300, and we all know that holsters can cost a pretty penny as well. At around $120 for most models, I find this to be a very affordable concealed carry option.

Ordering/Customer Service: Five star Sevice!!! Absolutely amazing. Not only do they take care of their customers at Dene Adams, but they also look out for others. A portion of each sale goes to help end human trafficking in the United States. You can read more about their partnership with the One By One Project here.

All in all, this holster receives 38 out of 45 stars. A product that I would absolutely purchase, but not use every day. More of a special occasion item in my book, great for a crowded place because you can conceal more than just your gun. You have to decide for yourself, it may be your new fave!!

If you're looking for a corset holster, this one is a very pretty option and don't forget the 10% discount just for you with the coupon code LOVETEXAS! (the exclamation point is part of the code). 

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this holster free from the manufacturer. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


  1. I'm very curious on the draw, I too am short waisted (and just short overall) and am nearly a C cup. I practice drawing every day at home, with firearm uloaded of course. Hope to hear an update soon. Thanks much!

  2. I purchased one of these. They are very comfortable and very concealable, however they FAILED my safety test. With my M&P Shield unloaded I was EASILY able to pull the trigger from the outside! Not good! Especially with how high up this sits, not only does it take longer to draw, but it's also NOT SAFE. I'm sorry but I'm not willing to compromise safety to wear tighter shirts.

  3. I purchased one of these to try out. It was very comfortable and concealable, however it FAILED my safety test. With my M&P Shield unloaded I was EASILY able to pull the trigger from the outside. Not only does it sit up higher, taking longer to draw, but it's not SAFE. I'm not willing to give up safety in order to wear tighter shirts.

  4. This may sound silly but buy a SoftArmour IWB holster, remove the metal clip and sew this inside the pocket where the pistol would go. It provides trigger protection and actually makes drawing/holstering MUCH easier as the SoftArmor holster retains the open shape to holster without looking. I haven't found a single womans holster that worked without having to modify it. Try it you'll like it!

    1. That's interesting, I might try that. I wanted to like the Dene Adams, for a light colored corset option, but prefer to carry with one in the chamber. It's not safe as is, IMHO a holster should be something that safely carries your gun. I have found a women's holster that I LOVE and don't have to modify, was just looking for another option.

    2. Theresa King, what is the holster you found that you love? I am 5' 9" and slender so I'm having a difficult time finding a holster that easily conceals my S&W 9mm Shield.

  5. I agree, there seems to be a loss of safety in all women's holster design and I'm not sure why. Men's holsters are easier for them and the trigger can be protected easily too (by design) but not that I've seen in women's. The FlashBang did a great job at protecting the trigger and is unique but it "hangs" off the bra wrong, tilts out and prints that you are carrying or have a weird 3rd boob nipple haha. I found there's a way to add safety to any holster but it has to be done by the customer. C'mon holster designers out there... put safe carry above "style" and even comfort. Safety, Ease of draw, comfort, style. A belly shot on yourself will most likely be fatal so protect that trigger.

  6. I find that Flashbang's Marilyn holster meets all of the safety, comfort, and concealability needs for me. In my opinion, it's the best holster out there for women. I've tried hundreds of holsters for this blog and as of yet, I've not tried anything better.

  7. Dene Adams has just started selling trigger guards to insert into these holsters! That was my only complaint about mine, so I'm glad they're addressing the issue. I think right now they've started making them available for the petite corsets, but they'll be adding the options for all the other corsets soon. I love mine!

  8. The concern with safety is very legitimate. However, they have started to sell a holster compatible trigger guard for $26 and some change. And if you do not have the petite model of the holster they can include a free adapter for your model. This was a welcome addition to their line. There is now a safety conscious option for us ladies to have a pretty concealment holster that is comfortable as well as safe!

  9. They have trigger guards now that are compatible with the petite corsets. If you own a different model they give you a free adapter for your model. These trigger guards are only priced at $26 and some change! A great safety conscious option for us ladies to have a pretty, concealment holster with safety in mind. Not to mention the flattering fit!

  10. I'm sorry, but I don't think you should have to buy something extra in order for a holster to be safe...JMO

  11. I will add my two cents. About a year and a half ago I briefly owned a Dene Adams holster identical to the one pictured...I LOVED it...and then the 4th time I wore it a small hole popped by the stitching at the front of the gun pocket. I had not even washed it yet. I was carrying a sub-compact DB9. A really small gun. I was super disappointed. I asked to return it or exchange it if I could have some assurance the the hole was a fluke. I never heard back from them to discuss an exchange but a return and refund was prompt. I have not found another holster that is equally comfortable but cannot afford to spend over $100 on an item that might get holes before it is even washed. I need something durable as well as comfortable. I was mostly disappointed when I wrote a review on their facebook page listing all the positives and that one small negative only to have it immediately removed. Does anyone else have problems with their corsets getting holes? I really want to buy another one but am scared to waste my money.

  12. I have heard the same things from other readers, I personally would not purchase from a company that is so afraid of honest reviews that they would delete a post. I also would not spend that much of my hard earned money on a holster that wears so poorly.